Siegel Survivors On-Line

by Al Siebert, PhD

THRIVEnet Story of the Month - April, 1996

UPDATE! Go to Bernie's Website:

Bernie Siegel now has a web site on America On-Line. The keyword for searching is "Bernie." His site has a wealth of information about Bernie's work and exceptional patients. It has message centers for communicating with others with similar conditions or interests and designated times when there will be forums on certain topics. There is a survivor story of the week. Here is the one for March 17th, 1996....

In 1985, Angela Passidomo Trafford was diagnosed with breast cancer, which was treated with a lumpectomy, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. Two years later, after a series of severe personal setbacks, including a divorce and a long custody battle, Angela's breast cancer recurred--on the same day that she learned that she had lost custody of her 3 children.

It was at this low point that she discovered Bernie Siegel's book, Love, Medicine & Miracles, and began to practice the visualization techniques outlined.

She says: "I knew that I needed to change my life but I didn't know how. I began to go within through prayer and meditation and ask God to show me the way to change my life. Amazingly, a visualization came forth from myself of little birds eating golden crumbs--the little birds were the immune system cells and the golden crumbs were the cancer cells. I would follow this visualization by visualizing a white light pouring through my body healing me.

"One morning I began to meditate; without solicitation from myself, the white light began to pour through my body with amazing force and energy. I let go to this experience. The next week when I went for my mammogram the doctor told me the cancer had disappeared. It was a miracle."

Angela's subsequent self-healing led her to create her own program for cancer patients, Self-Healing, in Naples, Florida, (phone: 941/434-6647) which helps others to heal and grow through the power of belief and love, and write a book entitled The Heroic Path: One Woman's Journey from Cancer to Self-Healing. Angela has also regained custody of her children.

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