Trusting Your Intuition

by Al Siebert, PhD

THRIVEnet Story of the Month - June 1995

Survivor interviews reveal that some people have a such a strong trust in their intuitive nature they will take actions they do not understand. Television star Carol Burnett escaped injury during the big earthquake in Los Angeles in 1994 because she trusted her intuition.

During a television interview with Charles Grodin, Carol told him she woke up about 3 a.m. the morning of the earthquake feeling agitated. She got out of bed and walked around her house. She peered out the windows. She said she could feel that something was about to happen. She suspected it would be an earthquake because she senses when there is going to be one.

She went back to bed, but instead of laying down on the side where she always sleeps - the side with her night table, lamp, telephone, and the remote control for her television set - she got on the other side. She lay there knowing an earthquake was coming. She wondered if she should get up and stand under a door frame, but decided not to.

Things got very quiet. She felt a deep silence. She pulled her covers up, covered her head with a pillow, and waited.

Thirty seconds later the earthquake hit. She said her house and bed shook violently. She felt something fly across her and hit the bed. When the quake subsided she peaked out from under her pillow. She said her bedroom furniture looked like it had been thrown around and knocked over by a poltergeist.

Her eyes widened when she looked at the other side of her bed. A big TV set had been hurled out of its cabinet onto the side of the bed where she always sleeps.

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