Guidelines for a THRIVEnet "Featured Story"

We are always searching for stories about how someone overcame a major, unwanted, unfair adversity without getting stuck in the "victim valley" that traps so many others.

People experiencing their own struggle want to know what the person's self-talk was like, what attitudes, insights, perspectives, and/or affirmations helped pull them through.

The message in the person's story becomes transferable to others dealing with many different kinds of challenges when the person has emotionally healed, has assimilated their experience into their life story, and can talk about their journey without subjecting the listener/reader to emotional distress, anger, cynicism, and martyr grumbling.

The story becomes inspirational when the person can describe how their struggle broke them free from old habits, attitudes, prejudices, and inhibitions to a new, better level of self-confidence, understanding, compassion, empathy, emotional freedom, and maybe even an exciting new vocation. The key here is when the person talks about what they learned, the gift they gained, and why this has been good for them in way that reaches out to others. An excellent example is Jackie Pflug's book, Miles to Go Before I Sleep.

Are you ready to tell others about what you've overcome? We'll be glad to help you write your story with editing and useful questions.