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Dr. Al Siebert (1934 - 2009) was Founder and first Director of The Resiliency Center. He was internationally recognized for his research into the inner nature of highly resilient survivors. His book, The Resiliency Advantage, won the Independent Publisher's 2006 Best Self Help Book Award. His previous book The Survivor Personality is now in its third edition, and has been published in German, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Chinese, Spanish, United Kingdom, and Japanese editions.

Articles quoting his work have appeared in Nation's Business, Family Circle, Men's Fitness, The Wall Street Journal, The Los Angeles Times, New Woman, Bottom Line/Personal, Good Housekeeping, USA Weekend, CBSHealthwatch.com, Human Resources Magazine, and many trade publications. His popular quiz "How Resilient Are You?" has been reprinted in many articles and books. He has been interviewed about highly resilient survivors on National Public Radio, the NBC Today Show, CNN, and OPRAH.

Al Siebert received his MA and PhD in psychology from the University of Michigan. He taught management psychology at Portland State University for over thirty years while conducting his resiliency research.

He is an ex-paratrooper, was a volunteer recovery group leader with Vietnam veterans, served as chairman of his county school board, and is a consultant to various Indian tribes. In recent years he gave keynote talks at conferences of the Employee Assistance Society of North America and the Employee Assistance Providers Association. Al keynotes conferences for many corporations, government agencies, education, and health care groups on "Resiliency in Non-Stop Change." At the time of his death, he was a senior consultant to the new "Provider Resiliency Training" program being implemented in all US Army medical installations.

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Participants and program directors had good things to say about Dr. Al Siebert:

"Thank you for sharing your insights and knowledge on this topic! It was great! I heard many good comments afterward and the team felt the morning was informative and beneficial. I appreciate the work you are doing in this field. It is so helpful during times of such change and uncertainty."
Stacy Scholtz, Vice President, Human Resources
Mutual of Omaha

"We continue to receive positive comments about your keynote at the conference and appreciate your participation. Several Community Service Boards have asked about having you back to speak. Keep in touch!!!"
Kay Springfield, Administrative Manager
Virginia Association of Community Services Boards, Making A Difference Together

"I've gotten excellent feedback from ALL who attended. They not only liked the information but the presentation style and the interaction. I enjoyed it immensely. Please feel free to add us to your reference list. With great respect..."
Patricia D. Kauffman, Exec. Vice President, Health & Associated Services
Pacific Retirement Services

"Your presentation was received with very positive comments! We appreciated your taking time from your busy schedule to come to Nebraska and speak. We hope you have the chance to come back again!"
Debbie Kuhn
EMS/CISM/EMS Conference Coordinator

"Just a quick note to tell you how much we appreciated your presentation. You were very popular, they all loved what you had to say. I am pleased that we were able to bring them something that was inspiring and useful in their daily work."
Priscilla Swanson, RN, QI Specialist

"Many, many thanks! Responses were outstanding--raves, in fact! You ended our three-day meeting in a high energy, thought provoking style. Thanks for doing exactly what we hoped you would and for doing it so well!"
Donna Cameron, CAE, Executive Director,
Washington Home Care Association

"...rave reviews!"
Debra Holland, Program Development
Savings and Community Bankers of America

"The Awards Committee praised both the content and style of your courses on surviving transitions. You have a great humanity and wisdom in your training and writings. Congratulations and thank you."
Glen Fahs, Ph.D.
State of Oregon Training Coordinator

"Al Siebert is the master of the one-day workshop. He is one of very few instructors who can receive a rating of excellent from every workshop participant in every area: preparation, knowledge, content, enthusiasm and effectiveness. I highly recommend him for his exceptional qualities as an instructor."
Joan S. Malling, Former Director
Professional Development Center
School of Business, Portland State University

"We appreciated your filling in when William Bridges canceled at the last minute. Your workshop was well received. Your combination of professional expertise, sensitivity, humor, and ability to draw out participation made the day a valuable experience for us all."
Barbara Moon, Associate Director of Continuing Education
Oregon State University
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